Green Smoothie

I’m one of those who never stops eating and has snack after snack. But even though I love fatty food and everything that’s covered with chocolate and lots more unhealthy stuff, I’m also the healthy one. So I’m always after the snacks that combine the taste of sweetness with something very healthy. This one goes … Continue reading Green Smoothie

Lemon Cake

Currently I’m visiting my host family in Spain where I spent one year as an aupair. My little boy had his first communion last weekend and in a few days it’s his birthday so he had a big party. What is not to be forgotten in a birthday party? Exactly, the birthday cake. He decided … Continue reading Lemon Cake

Pita bread

Our simple but great pita bread is a treat​ for many different occasions. Bring it to the next party you go to, serve alongside a nice salad or make your own selfmade kebabs with it! Ingredients: 450 g bread flour and some additional for dusting the working surface 300 ml warm water 1 sachet of … Continue reading Pita bread

Rhubarb tiramisu

Do you love tiramisu? We do and we eat it a lot! So we felt like doing something new and fitting to the arising spring we thought of rhubarb. Mixed together you’ll have a wonderful rich and at the same time fresh dessert. Can you taste the spring? Ingredients: 500g mascarpone cheese 80g sugar for … Continue reading Rhubarb tiramisu