We are always after the good stuff. The delicious and fresh that makes your tastebuds explode. We see ourselves as bandits, looting whatever we can find in our garden, the food-coop, the supermarket or even our windowsill. Cooking is our passion and we would like to share it with you.


We are Sophia, Lea and Johann. Three students that live at the baltic sea in Germany. Three very different people with different loves of food, styles and talents. Together we bring a wide range of diversity to the table.

We are just getting started and the next weeks will be a time for us where we try different things. We hope you enjoy what we do and are looking forward to your feedback.
From now on you’ll find a new recipe every sunday. Stay tuned!

DSC_0331Sophia: Pink is her colour! She is very very lively and very energetic  – her day seems to have more hours than anybody elses or she is just very efficient, we aren’t sure about that. She studies psychology and will be a succesfull business woman one day. Healthy is her thing and she is the superfood queen among us. She is a lot of fun and in a good mood whenever you meet her, annoyingly also at 7 in the morning. Her love for sneakers is just one indicator on how sporty she is. She is very stylish even when she just wears her joggers. She is perfect and a wannabe famous, but until now she’s only well known at her local kebab shop.

DSC_0297_01Lea: She loves to be outside and in the sun and gardening  makes her happy. Fitting to that she studies landscape ecology and nature protection. She can be very happy about tiny things and while sometimes it can be a bit annoying, most of the time it’s just adorable. She’s a vegetarian but looooves fish and espacially sushi. When it comes to cooking there is always to much garlic when no one else is paying attention. When you leave chocolate around it’s gone pretty fast. She loves organizing and making lists and when it comes to clothes there is always wool involved.

DSC_0303_01Johann: The ginger among us who’d you regognize everywhere – not just because of his hair. He is very strategic, therefor he’s just doing the blog because he wants to get sponsored by kitchen aid one day. He has a lot of energy and is very spontaneous. He’s the type of person who decides in the middle of the night that he wants croissants for breakfast. Then he stays up half the night to make them and then gets up at 7 am so that everybody can have a wonderful breakfast. His dream is to found something one day and he has a different idea every week. He studies psychology as well, is very creative in the kitchen and a passionate bargain hunter. He is a real mediator, not just because he got a certificate, and the most positive person we know.